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Flexible Financing for Commercial Solar Projects

We are Commercial Solar Project Finance Experts

We are experts in commercial solar energy financing. We understand that businesses and organizations that want to invest in solar energy need to have access to appropriate competitive forms of financing in order to maximize their project’s economics. We have financed our client’s solar projects with USDA and SBA loans, traditional bank loans, and solar tax leases.

​Getting our start in the solar energy sector with large-scale energy project finance, we have a more in-depth understanding of project economic metrics and solar analytics. We have access to lending sources that other solar contractors don’t and we have the industry experience to get the results your organization seeks. Solar energy financing can prove to be a daunting task for many potential businesses that wish to make the switch to solar.

Traditional banks are generally disinterested in financing solar projects due to the perceived lack of collateralization. This is where we have learned over years of experience that government-guaranteed lending products can fill this void and allow otherwise qualified commercial borrowers to be able to finance solar with longer amortization and competitive terms. We have the experience, expertise, and relationships with agency-approved banks and commercial lenders that allow us to offer solar energy financing solutions to our clients at more favorable terms and with a straightforward and streamlined process.

Compare the Emergent Solar Energy Financing Options

SBA 504 Solar Loan

The Small Business Administration offers financing for solar energy projects through the SBA 504 Green Loan program. This loan is for qualifying businesses that need a low down payment option and extended terms.

This debt is generally amortized for 15 years at a competitive fixed interest rate. This is an excellent option for Indiana businesses that want to own their project and can make use of all the available solar tax credits and incentives.

Solar Operating Lease

Emergent Solar offers commercial clients an 84-month solar operating lease that allows commercial clients to maximize the investment tax credit and MACRs depreciation.

This results in a path to ownership at a substantially lower monthly payment since the tax incentives are taken by Emergent Solar thereby discounting the financed amount. This option is an excellent choice for Indiana businesses with a limited tax appetite.


USDA Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) helps commercial borrowers finance large solar energy projects. The REAP loan has fixed or variable interest rates with up to 30-year straight-line amortizing debt and can be utilized with rural Indiana agricultural, small utility, or industrial-scale projects.

The USDA REAP program provides for up to $25 million in term debt and can be coupled with the USDA’s Business and Industry program as necessary.

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