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Welcome to Emergent Solar Energy

Emergent Solar is a leading Indiana solar energy development firm specializing in commercial solar and energy storage systems. Our outstanding combination of experience, support, sustainability, and design offers greater value from the moment your system is activated and makes our solutions a more sound investment for their lifetime.


Emergent Solar Energy works with the Agriculture sector utilizing solar power to reduce long-term energy expenses.

With so many unknown variables in every farming season, energy costs need to be anticipated. Solar power can offset a large portion of overall operating costs and create greater financial stability.

Emergent Solar helps Indiana farmers reduce dependence on the grid and its increasing costs. Energy independence for the long-term is our focus.

Commercial &

We specialize in helping reduce operating expenses and improving cash flow for the Indiana commercial & industrial sector.

Electric energy savings through demand shaving, solar application, and energy storage is now a financially feasible and affordable solution.

Our goal is to maximize commercial solar project economics and help Indiana businesses demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and to help them achieve their long-term energy savings goals.

Institutional &

Emergent Solar Energy creates electric cost savings for the public sector including municipalities, schools, and incorporated towns.

As all municipal organizations look to offset high energy costs, solar power adoption has become a wise long-term investment.

We have in-depth experience and expertise in helping Indiana schools, universities, municipalities, and other institutions achieve their sustainability and stewardship goals.


Internal Rate of Return

Average Payback Term

Levelized Cost of Energy-Kilowatt Hour

Emergent Solar provides turn-key commercial solar power solutions. Our team of energy experts performs all aspects of solar project design, construction, and financial analysis for commercial, municipal, and agricultural solar projects across the state of Indiana.

We are different from other solar contractors as we focus on the economic metrics and custom design solar projects for your energy use profile. We provide the in-depth cost/return analytics needed to determine a renewable energy project’s feasibility by leveraging our years of experience in developing and financing solar for commercial applications.

We consider solar a business decision and as such provide you with a fully transparent project economic analysis with all the data needed to make an informed financial decision and achieve your organization’s sustainability and stewardship goals.

Best-In-Class Solar Production Warranty

Emergent Solar Energy utilizes industry-leading design and outstanding workmanship and our solar power projects offer world-class performance and guaranteed long-term reliability.

We specialize in commercial, municipal, and agricultural solar applications and our projects come with a 25-year production warranty and a 5-year workmanship guarantee.

Customized Commercial Solar Energy Solutions

Emergent Solar offers ​​in-house turnkey commercial solar power solutions. From project management and design to construction, operations and maintenance are performed in-house by Emergent Solar Energy, bringing efficiency and speed to projects and lowering costs.

Our electricity load and cost analysis experience enables us to design the optimal solar energy project for your unique facility and maximize savings and project ROI.

Service Driven Workforce

Emergent Solar Energy is proud of our military veteran-led workforce. We understand the value of service and apply this to how we conduct business. Our business is a family business built solely on referrals from satisfied past and current clients.

Transparent Project Economic Analysis

While many other solar providers focus on up-front cost per watt, we aim to minimize the lifetime cost per unit of solar energy for our customers, thereby maximizing project economics and we have the data to prove it.

Emergent Solar proudly uses American-Made Solar Panels

What made in America means to us at Emergent Solar Energy-
A commitment to product quality and supporting the American worker. We source only the highest-quality solar components and materials from reputable and proven American manufacturers and suppliers for all of our solar projects.

Most of our solar project materials are sourced right here in Indiana and the Midwest. Helping America achieve energy independence, together we can break America’s dependence on foreign non-renewable energy supplies-cleanly and sustainably while supporting the American workforce and economy

“Emergent Solar Energy designed and built our solar project with the highest level of workmanship,  attention to detail, and quality, along with a focus on professionalism. Their work included all facets of this large and challenging agricultural solar energy project from engineering, permitting, construction, and ongoing operations and maintenance.”

-Kraig Resler
Owner-Operator, Hometown Hog Feed
“Jeremy Lipinski and Emergent Solar receive my highest recommendation as solar energy experts and contractors.

Jeremy’s knowledge of his field and product is second to none. He has been open, fair, and honest with us from Day 1. And, most importantly, he is timely and gets the job done.”

-Matt Welter
CEO and Owner, Wayne Enterprises
“During the physical part of constructing the project, Jeremy was on-site and gave me daily updates on progress and regularly asked for feedback. I take pride in how my farm property looks and Jeremy and his crew went above and beyond to ensure that the finished product is something that I am proud to show off to anyone wanting a closer look.”


-Will Harlow
Harlow Farms
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