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Lock-in energy rates, gain independence, and plan for the long-term.

Municipal organizations in Indiana attempting to achieve their long-term stewardship goals and gain independence from rising utility rates are working with Emergent Solar Energy to find feasible municipal solar energy solutions. Emergent Solar specializes in creating affordable and sustainable solar energy solutions for Indiana school corporations, community colleges, universities, and incorporated towns in the municipal and public sector.

Solar energy adoption can help Indiana school corporations lock-in energy costs for years by producing their own clean energy. Many public schools can offset high energy costs and demonstrate a commitment to renewable energy technology with a well-designed, highly visible on-campus solar project. Solar energy installations can help educators demonstrate to students real-life applications of renewable energy and promote classroom learning clean energy technology from solar production monitoring.

Municipal organizations such as incorporated towns with high energy load profiles can benefit from municipal solar energy adoption with PV-solar production or on-site energy storage. Solar power solutions often can be applied with major energy consumption offset for wastewater treatment plants, metered-water, and sewage treatment utilities.

Another benefit to working with Emergent Solar is that we use 100% American-Made solar components in our commercial solar projects. This is important to us because of the higher quality manufacturing processes, supporting the American workforce and economy, and reducing our nation’s need for foreign energy by supporting American clean energy independence in the form of municipal solar energy.

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Solar Energy Solutions for Schools and the Public Sector

K-12 Schools | Colleges & Universities

Emergent Solar Energy is a leading Indiana solar contractor for public school systems and institutions of higher education. Emergent Solar Energy is located in Purdue Research Park and is uniquely positioned to form relationships with educators that have an interest in solar energy applications.

Whether that interest is a large solar project for a K-12 public school or a small system for demonstration purposes, Emergent Solar Energy is a qualified solar partner for the educational sector.

Utility Districts | Waste Water Plants

Wastewater treatment plants for any size organization consume large amounts of electricity which constitutes the bulk of many municipal’s energy load.

Solar power can offset a large portion of many wastewater utility plants’ energy consumption and costs which can ultimately be passed back to the rate-payers. Emergent Solar Energy helps wastewater facilities for Indiana municipal organizations reach their sustainability and stewardship goals.

Public Administration | Municipal Buildings

One of the largest fixed costs to public facilities is electricity. Offsetting this expense with solar is a wise long-term investment and demonstrates good stewardship of taxpayer funds.

Attract tourists, new citizens, and businesses to your community by clearly showing your commitment to the environment and sustainability. Explore solar public financing options and grant funds to help recover costs and maximize your return on investment.

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We’re experts in the Indiana R.F.P. process for Solar

Most public entities in Indiana must initiate solar projects through a formal process known as a Request For Proposal. If your organization plans to create a solar RFP, know that the quality and specificity of the proposals you receive will most likely match the quality and specificity of the RFP you send out.

We suggest you standardize your requested information and solicit like-kind proposals. Ask respondents to provide the information you need in a predetermined format with specific size, configuration, components, warranties, and production numbers that will allow you to make meaningful comparisons among bids. For example, if you want to know which system would save you the most money over 25 years, ask for an estimated dollar amount of savings projected over that period of time along with their proposed solution.

The solar RFP process is as valuable as you make it. If you just provide an open-ended pricing page, you are likely to get a wide variety of dissimilar responses that are difficult to compare. One vendor might give you a dollar-per-watt project cost, while another might provide an estimate based on a levelized cost of energy. Those really aren’t the same at all and neither one tells you much about long-term savings. Apples to apples comparison is the best approach.

Emergent Solar can be a valuable resource to administrators and board members in the first steps of information gathering to help you make the best choice for your organization. Put our experience and expertise to good use prior to starting the RFP process. We will clearly demonstrate your projects economic metrics to give you an transparent analysis of your potential municipal solar energy investment.

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