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Emergent Solar Energy is located in Purdue Research Park in West Lafayette, Indiana and we work closely with the agricultural community. We have designed and built some of the largest hog barn solar projects in the state of Indiana. You can read about our work featured in these respected agriculture publications.

We’ve build some of the largest hog farm solar projects in Indiana

Emergent Solar commissioned the Resler Feeder Hog LLC solar array in Mishawaka, Indiana in late 2018, and it is one of Indiana’s largest agricultural solar projects. This is a 155kW DC solar array that offsets more than 75% of this hog farm’s electric expense. This project also qualified for and received a USDA REAP grant along with long-term solar AG financing that allowed the project to cash flow with a short payback period and an attractive ROI. You can learn more about how we help Indiana hog farms produce their own power with solar, our financing options, and USDA REAP grants by clicking below.

Electricity is one of the largest fixed costs for hog farm operations.

We help CAFO farmers cut input costs, gain energy resiliency and independence by producing their own clean solar power.

  • Solar is a power generating asset that will save your hog farm money for decades to come​
  • Emergent Solar has extensive experience in CAFO farm solar design & construction
  • Right now there are huge solar incentives that pay for up to 80% of the farm solar cost
  • Pork farms are already a perfect fit with ample roof or land well suited to install your solar array
  • Energy costs continue to rise. The largest utility in Indiana rose 13% last year alone
  • Low money down long-term solar AG financing – cash flow from day one!
  • Own the means of energy production and gain independence from the electric utility
  • Emergent Solar uses American-made solar panels & components in our on-farm solar projects

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