Enterprise-Scale Commercial Solar

We maximize solar project value and project economics

Corporate buyers trust Emergent Solar with large-scale projects

Emergent Solar Energy has the capability to deliver enterprise scale solar energy solutions for renewable energy developers, corporate buyers, and electric utilities. As electricity costs continue to rise and concerns over emissions and pollution mount, solar power offers a clean, renewable alternative for utility-scale energy providers. Solar power plants generate a constant source of electricity at a fixed-priced rate and avoid higher costs during peak demand periods.

Our in-depth industry knowledge and experience allows us to bring expert and project management, design, and installation that allow customers to gain the highest project metrics and returns that also maximize project production and life of system value. We have the experience and ability to contract, manage and finance solar projects in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and throughout the Midwest.

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Large Commercial and Enterprise Scale Solar Energy Solutions

Rural Electric Cooperative Solar

As the costs of solar continue to drop and become competitive with traditional electricity means of production, more rural electric cooperatives are adding solar production to their portfolios.

Emergent Solar supports Midwestern electric CO-OP’s transition to clean energy with our experience and expertise in utility-scale solar project design, procurement, and construction.

Enterprise Scale Solar Energy Development

Emergent Solar partners with solar developers to design, finance, and construct solar energy projects for commercial power production.

Solar developers can leverage Emergent Solar’s extensive project finance experience and lending resources to structure projects to maximize partner value and project ROI, and enjoy the reliability of working with a leading commercial solar integrator.

Large Industrial Scale Solar

Commercial organizations in the industrial manufacturing sector with production facilities have high energy consumption with demand charges as the bulk of their electricity bill.

Emergent Solar Energy has the expertise and industry experience to offer large-scale solar power and energy storage solutions. Peak demand with solar plus storage now offers compelling savings for commercial industrial energy consumers.

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