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We support U.S. workers and the clean energy economy with American-Made solar components

Emergent Solar Energy is located at Purdue Research Park in beautiful West Lafayette, Indiana. One of the leading commercial solar development companies in Indiana, Emergent Solar is well regarded for its integrity and commitment to excellence. Customers, partners, and affiliates work with Emergent Solar again and again because its employees give every project the highest priority and still conduct business like a young company with something to prove. Whatever the test, Emergent Solar finds innovative solutions and draws on a full range of services, including design, construction, financing, and operation and maintenance of solar PV generating facilities.

​The company’s strategically developed expertise has made Emergent Solar a respected renewable energy provider. Our solar business development team gets consistently high marks for customer service and is known for delivering results even amid the most challenging conditions, in the commercial/industrial, agricultural, and municipal sectors.

Emergent Solar not only meets the needs of its customers, partners, and the communities it serves but strives to always add value and exceed expectations. The results – designed to meet exacting standards developed over years of experience – inspire trust. We are located in Purdue Research Park in West Lafayette, and service businesses, farms, and organizations throughout Indiana as well as Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio.

Emergent Solar Energy uses American-Made solar components

The renewable energy industry is a competitive, albeit fledgling sector in the national economy. The United States solar adoption rate is growing as our energy policy shifts from fossil fuels to more environmentally friendly sources of energy. Some European and Asian countries, specifically China, were early adopters of solar resources and have built a large manufacturing capacity in their domestic facilities at labor wage and quality rates substantially lower than their American counterparts. This created a situation wherein American solar companies had to choose between cheaper foreign solar modules or more expensive American-made modules and pass this cost on to the buyers.

Up until recently, the choice between imported panels or domestic ones was a cost-based business decision, and it was rare to find a solar installer using American solar components.

This was a failure of policy, leadership, and patriotism and had a devastatingly negative affect on American solar manufacturing. Most of our domestic solar manufacturers had to either file bankruptcy or cease to exist.


Things have now changed. The economy has improved. Interest in solar is increasing. Solar implementation costs are plummeting. Solar energy production is now a serious competitor with fossil fuel energy on most metrics.

The U.S. import policy on foreign solar components has improved, and now domestic solar manufacturing is returning and starting to compete again. This is all very good news for America, our solar industry, and solar adopters.

We believe that it is our duty to support and protect our domestic solar industry and the thousands of workers it employs. We believe that America makes a superior product, and competes on price, warranty, and quality. We at Emergent Solar Energy will do all that we can to support the newly invigorated American solar manufacturing sector and will buy and build our projects with their products. When you buy from us you have the peace of mind of knowing all of the components in your solar project are American made, most of which are sourced right here in Indiana and the Midwest. Our America-Made solar policy not only supports our American workforce and our economy, it decreases our need for foreign energy from oil, and spurs American clean energy independence.

Emergent Solar hires Military Veterans

​”We hereby pledge our commitment to actively hire veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. We value and recognize the leadership, training, character, and discipline that our veterans and members of the Indiana National Guard and Reserve bring to our company and the American workforce.”
– Jeremy Lipinski, Managing Partner, Emergent Solar Energy

Our Leadership Team

Jeremy Lipinski

Jeremy is the Managing Partner of Emergent Solar and is responsible for all operations including project origination, business development, project management, and finance.

Adam Bolen

Adam is a Business Development Manager with Emergent Solar and is charged with developing Emergent’s sales programs in the commercial, agricultural, and municipal sectors.

Marla Martinez Lipinski

Marla is the Project Administrator at Emergent Solar and is responsible for solar construction scheduling, permitting, and utility interconnection applications at Emergent Solar.

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