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​Emergent Solar Energy provides commercial solar energy solutions that allow Indiana business operations of all sizes and functions providing easy access to reduced, fixed energy costs with little or no upfront investment. Allowing your C&I solar energy solution to be handled end-to-end by one industry-leading company means investing in a solar project not only designed and built to fit your organization’s specific energy load profile but also managed and warranted after delivery so your focus can stay on your own operations.

We understand that while most businesses have concern for the environment and pursue sustainability goals, ultimately solar is a business decision. We focus on solar project economics such as pay-back term, return on investment, and overall internal rate of return to ensure that your company is making a good financial decision in solar energy and we provide the in-depth project analytics to prove each projects long-term value.

Commercial Industrial Solar Indiana

Another unique and valuable benefit to working with Emergent Solar Energy to design and build your C&I solar panel project is that we use American-Made solar components in our commercial solar energy projects. Procuring American-Made solar panels, steel and aluminum racking, and electrical BOS components, while maintaining project economics is the goal. This is important to us because of the higher quality manufacturing processes, supporting the American workforce and economy, and for reducing our nation’s need for foreign energy by fostering American clean energy independence. This fact alone makes for very positive PR for our commercial solar energy clients and can be used to clearly demonstrate a company’s concern for the Buy-American movement.

Learn about our Best-In-Class American-Made solar panels and why it matters

Commercial Solar Energy Solutions for Indiana Businesses

Commercial Solar Indiana

Roof Mounted Commercial Solar

Roof-mounted solar is also a very common application for commercial solar in Indiana. Facilities that lack the necessary ground space on site can still utilize their unused roof space for solar.

Some considerations are building orientation, type, and age of the roof, surface area, and shading. Roof-mounted solar can be used for commercial solar project aesthetics, wherein the business would rather the solar array remain largely unseen.

Solar for Commercial Operations Indiana

Ground Mounted Commercial Solar

Ground-mounted commercial solar arrays are the main type of solar utilized by businesses in Indiana. Facilities that own sites with ample space can benefit from ground-mounted solar in a most cost-effective and efficient manner, which translates to the best economics for their solar project.

These projects also allow for larger solar production and the best public viewing to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

Commercial Parking & Canopy Solar

Many businesses can utilize their parking facilities as the perfect solution to commercial solar energy implementation. Not only do solar parking shade structures protect vehicles from the elements, but they can also generate large solar savings from the electric offset.

Solar canopies are often used as electric vehicle charge stations for maximum benefit and are a very practical and functional way for many companies to switch to solar.

Promoting Clean Energy Practices is Good for Business

Emergent Solar Energy promotes our completed solar projects to help gain news media attention on your company’s commitment to solar energy and sustainability. We create a PR strategy for each individual solar project that includes project commissioning events, news media press releases, and video and blog posts on our website. We help you gain the recognition your organization deserves for your investment in clean solar energy and sustainability business practices.

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