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With all the variables and risks in every season, knowing energy costs ensures more accurate planning. Solar power can reduce expenses and create more financial stability by locking in the cost of energy for the life of the solar array. Combining the farming sector’s grants and tax credits with competitive agricultural solar energy financing, on-farm solar is an easy decision with compelling long-term financial benefits.

Solar for Farms in Indiana

Emergent Solar Energy has the experience and industry knowledge to make Hoosier farm solar projects a compelling business decision for our farm clients. We’ve worked with Indiana growers of corn & beans, seed processors, hog, poultry, dairy farmers, grain drying and storage, feed mills and many other types of farms and rural businesses. Emergent Solar Energy makes on-farm solar affordable and has streamlined the way solar energy is designed and built for the agricultural industry throughout Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and the Midwest.

An important way your farm can benefit by working with Emergent Solar Energy is in that we use exclusively American-Made solar panels and steel racking in our commercial solar projects. This is important because of the assurance of higher quality in manufacturing, component warranty enforcement and for reducing our nations need for foreign energy by supporting American clean energy independence.

Learn about our Best-In-Class American-Made solar panels and why it matters

​On-Farm Solar Energy for Indiana Agricultural Operations ​

Solar for Hog Farms Indiana

Hog | Poultry | Dairy CAFOs

Animal confinement operations such as pork, poultry, and dairy are an ideal match for solar as their energy costs are one of their largest expenses. Emergent Solar helps Indiana CAFO farmers reduce this cost and maximize project ROI with tax incentives and USDA REAP grants for agricultural solar energy. ​

commercial agricultural solar energy

Commercial Agribusiness

Rural businesses that serve the Indiana agriculture sector can benefit from the cost savings of switching to solar in the same way as farm operations. The solar tax incentives combined with a USDA REAP grant application substantially improves your project’s economics.

Solar for Farms and Rural Businesses Indiana

Growers | Grain Storage Systems

Indiana grain and produce farmers can dramatically cut their dependence on their electric utility or co-op by investing in agricultural solar energy. The USDA REAP grant along with the federal solar tax incentives and depreciation make investing in solar for grain dryers and storage very compelling.

We’ve built some of the largest AG solar energy projects in Indiana


Emergent Solar Energy is located in Purdue Research Park in West Lafayette, Indiana and we work closely with the agricultural community. We have designed and built some of the largest farm-owned solar projects in the state of Indiana. You can read about our work featured in these respected agriculture publications.

We Are Experts in USDA REAP Grants & Indiana Farm Solar Incentives


The USDA offers the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) for farm producers and rural businesses to help offset the costs of solar energy applications. We have successfully helped several Indiana farmers receive REAP grants for up to 25% of their solar project’s cost. Solar for Indiana farms can produce some compelling project economics with the 30% solar Investment Tax Credit, Bonus MACRS Depreciation, Indiana Sales Tax Exemptions, and the USDA REAP Grant. Taken together these agricultural solar energy incentives can offset a large portion of your farm’s solar projects costs and help you gain energy independence and reach your long-term stewardship goals.


Emergent Solar Energy helps Indiana Farmers with USDA REAP Grants:

Emergent Solar Energy Proudly Supports the Indiana Agriculture Community

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